Glide On: A Hang Glider 2025 Supplemental

by Black Camaro

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When Hang Glider released in 2005, two "secret tracks" (remember how popular those were?) ended the album. When Hang Glider was re-released in 2025, those songs were missing...on purpose. The album just works better without them. But in recent months, we have received several emails from fans asking where those songs went (uh, Hang Glider 2005 is the obvious answer), but we silently said to ourselves "fuck the fans", never responding to any of them.

After thinking it over, we realized that we actually loved these songs, and being difficult to cue up online, we decided to create Glide On: A Hang Glider 2025 Supplemental. Now we can dial in the awesome pre-everyone-is-a-racist-era social commentary of Mexican? Guess Again, while praising Lucifer (the tv show, not the actual demon) on the blistering 4-track number Feel The Bite. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Glide on, friends.


released May 9, 2016


tags: rock Las Vegas


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