Hang Glider 2025

by Black Camaro

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Black Camaro’s sophomore release, Hang Glider (2005), this “remixed and actually mastered” version presents the same lengthy album sans the lazy mistakes and gratuitous “secret tracks”. While the band can blame nobody but themselves for the hasty mixes of the original release, they were under a deadline, and they were young and naive. Young people suck with deadlines, hence, the poorly mixed, never mastered, impossible Hang Glider. But as concept albums go, it’s not bad. Really, it isn’t. Let us explain.

As the Glider takes his gallant jump from the face of a cliff into the unknown (Hang Glide), he meets the sun along the way (RE: The Sun), taking care not to melt the wax that binds his wings together. He soars over mountains, including one in Africa (Killamanjaro), before his journey takes an ominous turn.

The Glider dozes off and begins dreaming of his first love as she sleeps in the bed next to him, also dreaming. A dream within a dream (Dusty Fan). He’s pretty much a creep. As his dream possesses his body his theme song plays in his head (Kevin’s Theme). Though his name isn’t really Kevin, it is in the dream for some reason, and he goes along with it. He is reminded of his friends, and how he holds them near and dear (Apple Core). He is unaware the pending doom he will soon face. How could he? He’s sleeping.

As he continues his flight, his body hovers over France (Shit And Champagne), and the energy emanating from the city of lights blinds his vision, even within his somnambulant state. He witnesses a pair of legs obstructed by a beam of light (Karaoke Killed The Colonel). It is a ridiculous figure from the future who appears to be dead, but is actually just pretending. In a French accent, the figure, now revealed as The Colonel, says “Meet me at the Rendezvous”(Rendezvous). The reluctant Glider refuses the Colonel’s command (Waste My Ears) and goes his own way (Where the Glider Flies).

The Glider’s arrogance leads him too close to the sun and he is abruptly awakened to a deadly free fall. As the observer, there is nothing you or I can do for him. His friends can’t do shit, and his girl can’t save him either (Black Jenny). Not even the Colonel can save him this time.

At his wake, the Colonel says a few words, a few kind words, a few kind of mean words (Put That Bottle Down). His friends and loved ones realize that the Glider’s love was not enough. They needed him to come down from the clouds and spend some quality time with them. The Glider’s head was always in the clouds, and now he is dead as a result. He will forever be lost up in the sun (Hang Glider).


released June 30, 2015

This album features:
Richard De La Riva on Trumpet
Alan Norris on CR78
Jeremy Lamanna on drums
Jason Wilda on bass
Fuzz on all sorts of shit, but mostly congas and some guitar
Mike Garth on drums
Conrad Lochner as The Preacher
Mike "Lazer" Lavin on laughs
with one-take improvisation by Theta Naught on Hang Glider
Lucas Bang's banjo appears on Shit and Champagne

Recorded in 2005 by Brian Garth
Remixed in 2025 by Brian Garth
Mastered by Lazer Lavin


tags: rock Las Vegas


all rights reserved
Track Name: Hang Glide
hang glide
hang glide
Track Name: RE: The Sun
Send my regards to the sun
is it burning anyone?

When the sun begins to set
branding patterns down our necks

All those golden sun rays
all those golden sunbeams
all those golden summers
all those golden sun rays

hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
Track Name: Killamanjaro
Fix it
under the sink
let's get rid of the stink
in our home
on top of the mountain

la la la la la la la la la la

kiss her
peck on the cheek
let's skip up to the creek
I can't dance
and neither can you, bitch

la la la la la la la la la la
Track Name: Dusty Fan
The dusty fan is blowing air onto the bed
where you lie face down

we share a twin
I cannot tell how many times
I've watched you breathing
while you were sleeping

with the color in your hair
I want to pull it out
hear you screaming
Track Name: Apple Core
Apple core
Who's your friend?
I am

Listen up, I lost the luck
to a washed up promise
just my luck

where ya at?
Where's the cat?
baseball bat
my favorite hat

someone's there
it's in the air

I'll give you one month
That's 30 days and 1
And if you're late
(please don't be late)
I'll never wait for you again

Won't stop calling
won't stop I'll leave a message
If ya try to call me and I don't pick it up
leave a message
Don't be alarmed when you listen to my message

When ya caused the rift to slip and slide
and it took a month to all subside
And the phone was known to grow much colder
but an old man told her keep your head on your shoulders

Apple Core
Who's your friend?
I am
Track Name: Escalator
A double line
a fancy find
an ornament from the Orient Ah!

A glass guitar
a classic star
an autograph on a photograph oh

la la la la la dee da
Track Name: Shit And Champagne
Hell no this ain't no wedding
Found a friend from Louvre
Cul-de-sac'd a lover
tell me of no other
listen to a cello
can you hear the bubbles?
someone spilled it
so hide the children
a place in France where the naked ladies dance

trash all your history books
purchase more mystery books
how could I lie?

What is the difference
between shit and champagne?

Take all the colonels away
replace them with piles of hay
why would I lie?

What is the difference
between shit and champagne?

bring back the night once again
electric was never much fun
stick with a fire

What is the difference
between shit and champagne?

lend me an old pair of jeans
a tuxedo made for the queen
made out of lions

What is the difference
between shit and champagne?
Track Name: Karaoke Killed The Colonel
feel the flame of the mic
on the back of the bike
kill the lights and the mic
might destroy all in sight

oh mama

there's one eye on the prize
and the other guy is looking
at the screen

what'd ya mean when you screamed
comin out the latrine
All I seen was your jeans
you got lost in the beams

of light

but the night isn't over
till the tender says there's no more Karaoke


the microphone was alone
and the patrons drove their autos
(all home)
karaoke killed the colonel
(oh no)

dust yourself off
dust it off dust off dust
(I think he's dead, shit)
Yes, I think his status must have just busted
oh no!

There's no eye on the prize
and the tender says there's no more

And the lights came on with the music on
with the music on then the lights came on
and the colonel moved his elbow
hell no!

so the old man stood up slowly
(holy shit)
for the fiery flame was flowing
and the song was sung
for the years to come
Track Name: Rendezvous
meet me at
the place where all of
our faces fall off
meet me at ah

meet me at
the point where trees end
for no reason
meet me at ah

this stone is a galaxy
every piece of dirt is alive

On each grain
there lives 20 billion
useless beings
like you and I

He sold his soul so she'll grow old
He sold his soul so she'll grow old
He sold his soul so she'll grow old

So long mother
I found me another
place ah
away ooh

Meet me at the rendezvous

Is this really how the 21st Century turned out?
I want my money back
Track Name: Waste My Ears
My lungs deceive me
and you lost the meaning of

The colonel's breathing
when they mumbled the words of

well I can't see nothing
(with my glasses on)
Calypso said something
(so long so long so long)
a little bedroom

I can see the feeling's mutual
and there's no way I'd ride that bull
don't waste my ears

and there's no way I'd waste my ears
don't waste my ears
Track Name: Where The Glider Flies
the proper way to say hello to you
I always thought a simple smile would do

Don't be late
there's so many things we gotta see and do
tomorrow I'll be old and so will you

Can it wait?
already been here an hour but it feels like two

We can demonstrate
take an elevator levitate elevate

Ain't it great to be above the sky where the glider flies?
and then the glider dies

and if we're people
broken up sea shells

what if the cat wakes
he'll lick the fish tank

I like your smile
just like a child's

you blow up missiles
I blow out whistles

the proper way to say hello to you
I always thought a simple smile would do

Don't be late
there's so many things we gotta see and do
tomorrow I'll be old and so will you
Track Name: Black Jenny
Flat black not flat in the back
you know I could, I should mama

Flat black
b-b-blacker than black
you know I would, if I could papa

Black Jenny Black Jenny
You got a friend in me

when the world is blowing up
and you need a hundred bucks
Track Name: Put That Bottle Down
Why don't you put that bottle down
And turn your frown right upside down

A group of people
gathered round the small hole in the ground
where lies the result of adventure and curiosity
For this was not a journey of flight or how high
but the tale of an impatient boy who fell from the sky

No coming home
now you're alone
A little calm
The last we spoke
You told a joke
We had a time
Track Name: Love, Child
Love, love, love
Is that all we need?

Oh no. No. No.

Love, child, love, love
is that all we breathe?
Track Name: Hang Glider
hang glider
lost up in the sun
glide on
glide on man
glide on
glide on my friend
glide on
hang glider