Miniature Panthers

by Black Camaro

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In October of 2005, Black Camaro booked an exclusive night at the now defunct Aristocrat Bistro in Las Vegas. After management refused to budge on the $30 cover charge, only able to justify the cost with a fully open bar, the band decided to write, record and release a free EP of new material. With less than a month of preparation, they pumped out Miniature Panthers, a 6 song CD. With no discernible spaces between songs, Miniature Panthers stealthily moves along like one unyielding overture. At only 17 minutes long, it became an instant success among fans which inspired the band to write and produce a short film for the entire album.


released October 28, 2005


tags: rock Las Vegas


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Track Name: Monocle
Bought from a drug store
In Monaco in '54

And the things he told
To this young man of 24
I was 24!
Track Name: (Meet Me In) Vietnam
Oh! Vienna is much too far
Couldn't we meet in Vietnam?

If Vietnam is not your style
Let's be together on the Nile

Please buy two tickets to Belize
Sailing our jet skis through the breeze

She's gone she's gone
Track Name: Zebraska
Under the soft soft zebra
All it's for is some piece of mind
Blanc Noir on zebra
Call the colonel and the car
A lost cause I feel like an ass (holy shit)
Alaska sure feels like a nice home
Track Name: Miniature Panthers
Miniature panthers
Pantomime dancers
slipping off, off of the ceiling
Don't forget to hide all of the children

silhouette transfers
ultra-violent panthers
50 claws are peeling
each and every muscle that you're feeling
filling up with adrenaline
don't be messing with a violent feline
Miniature panthers
look into his eyes for all the answers

keeping secrets in a softer way
sleep the night and dance the day
dancer, dancer
to and fro with 8 to go
broken back with shattered toes
dancer, dancer, dancer

miniature panthers
pantomime dancers
slipping through the ceiling
don't forget to hide all of the children
Track Name: I'll Kill You (If You Scream)
I''ll kill you if you scream
I'll steal you in your dreams
I'll will you to be clean
I'll kill you if you're mean

Listen to the sounds of the minstrel
Coming through the bars on the windows
Up in your face

Touch Me with your tongue you lazy
Think about the time it takes me
Glistening teeth smells like whiskey when you breathe
Underneath the tree the roots still bleed
As it came to me

Don't close the door
Don't wax the floor
girl you're a whore
Now I want more

Open up the eyes of your panther
skinning off the flesh with a sander
It's suffering
Yes it's time to go to bed
The curtains will be all soaked in your skin
Track Name: A Million Ways (To Kill a Man)
A million ways to kill a man
you don't even have to use your hands
Hit em where it hurts
And he'll be face down in the dirt
A Million Ways to kill a man

Take my arms or take my legs
That don't mean that I'll be dead
Told you from the start
You'd better aim straight in to the heart
A million ways to kill a man

She was so frail
had bones like a daffodil
she has a soft shell
Her legs are shaking, ah ah ah
And if it don't feel right
Then it has to be wrong
His eyes so frightening
Girl I knew it all along
There's a million ways to kill a man