White People Fucked Up The Blues

by Black Camaro

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Brian and Tom began recording Black Camaro’s first album on a digital 16 track in 2001 in various bedrooms and living rooms throughout North Las Vegas with no expectation of releasing anything. A year later, the band released White People Fucked up the Blues; twelve month’s of 18 different emotions summed up on one LP. The album was soaked in Yamaha reverb and hung out to dry on a Casio afternoon. Amongst a soundscape of cheap drumbeats, angelic guitars and both solemn and superficial subject matter, the songs evoked a certain charm in listeners. After selling over 300 homemade copies to a band-less fan base, BC received positive album reviews and several articles. With a demand for a live performance, Black Camaro officially became a band in the winter of 2003. With the addition of James, Christian and Gary, Black Camaro embarked on a 36 day tour the following spring, selling over 500 copies of White People from their RV. With shows up the Pacific coast, from San Diego, CA to Bellingham, WA and moving as far east as El Paso, TX, the band was well received in 76% of the town’s they played in.


released September 1, 2003


tags: rock Las Vegas


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Track Name: Andramada
A million miles from all the things you love & hate
A billion reasons for the stars to stay awake
A trillion wars could not destroy the lifeless space
A zillion zephyrs blowing up a planets fate
A jillion solar systems systematically erased
Track Name: A Long Summer...
It's gonna be a long summer,
Hotter that a white light or a black light gets
It's gonna be a long summer,
Longer than a train track, from L.A. to New Mex.
What's a firefly's death?
What's a fireman's sweat?
It's gonna be a long summer,
Longer than the coastline of your motherfuckin' death
It's gonna be a long summer
Longer than the hairline from your toe to your neck
What's a firefly's death?
What's a fireman's sweat?
With a burnt up head in a burnt down bed
Long, long summer.
Track Name: Goonies
The morning smelled like it was nervous
The sun was holding back
All the smiles that it always seems to have
And just a single person noticed
She saw it in her room
In the books of all the pictures that she drew
Then the night proceeds to falter
Like it always do
Kickin' pebbles of my shoe
It's 11:52
I say goodnight to all my peoples
I'll catch you in the morn
And in the meantime, keep your colonels off the corn
What's your favorite movie?
Is it Goonies?
Track Name: Gimmie A Little
Socks on the sofa
Shoes on the bed
I'm walkin' in puddles
from the hole in my head
And the footprints outside
lead down to the lake
Reminds me of September
when she baked me that cake
I need her now, I need her money now
Take your back out the middle
Take your middle out the front
Gimmie a little more money
Track Name: JoJo's Theme
How are the kids?
How is the sun in Monte Carlo?
How is your hand?
Do you still have the scar?
The car is in the yard again
My heart is in the stars again
She keeps hers in her cardigan And I could too.
How is our friend JoJo?
Does he still go to college?
Track Name: The Drip
Listen to me closely said the rabbit to the dove
The dove just flew away until I hit the roof above
No you can't change me, I can't change you
"If you're lost you can't come back"
(the drop, the drip....the space, the ship....the guns, the tits....the hits, the miss....your lips, the kiss....the wounds, the slits....the bloods, the crips....the tears, the R.I.P.s....drips, it drips....the coats, the mitts....the stops, the quits....the tongue, the spit....the pits, the fits....the legs, the splits.... the trees the sticks)
Track Name: Dressed In Gold
This Little man come up to me
dressed in gold from head to toe
He gave me 5
said hello

Pulled out his magic wand
He made the sky turn red
He made the wind blow hard
Made all the trees go dead

I lit the fire, that burned down the forest
blame it on me
I work for free
Make me your servant and I'll make you lazy
One, Two, And Three
Swallow the key
Track Name: I Like To Ride The Buss
My teacher, My teacher at school drives a big Toyota
Your backpack, your backpack is green tomorrow
Can we possibly eat tonight forever?

People are movin' and that's just provin'
I like to ride the bus

I know that I'm not gonna die
Strangers never gonna take me for a ride

The rest of the lyrics have yet to be translated from ancient Latin.
Track Name: Candy Corns
Hey, I'm goin' to the store you fools want something?
Yea, get me a large drink
What flavor you want?
Banana Muffin
And Get me a box of stuffing the kind you put in the microwave oven
Nah, I think I'm goin' to Domino's cause if it ain't there in 30 or less you get it for nothing
Yo I'll go with you I got my fake I.D.
what's it say
my middle name's Mohummad Ablique Jackson Nicholas
Man that's ridiculous
I like my hamburgers pickle-less, Heavy on the mayo
Hey that's just like Scott Baio "CHACHE"

I think I'll go to the bar they have food there
And the nice waitress with red hair
Body like a pair
Yo I ain't goin' there I'm on house arrest
And I forgot my vest
But you're gonna miss the redheads chest
she's got nice breasts
I got a bike with one pedal
is it steady?
Is it metal?
No it's hansell and gretal
Rumplestiltzkin was a way better villain
What? that witch was gonna eat those children
Let's just go to the movies I can get a bucket of popcorn
yea, we can even get some candy-corns
Like the ones on your moms feet?
No, like the ones that caused your dads cavity
Your mom's got calves that defy the laws of gravity
That's not funny
Your girlfriends missing skin she has to be
Nah, that's just her elasticity
Track Name: Wait Until Dark
Feel my face, that is my only wish
Make me a man if you can
I meant to try and forget your face
Somehow I only forgot your name
Can we trade places for just tonight
Don't get mad if I just lose my mind
chances are you'd lose yours too
I never tried this stuff before
I can't see what your looking for
Track Name: Gonna Die Tonight
I'm gonna die tonight
I can feel it down my spine
And all the words I never said just drift away
I'm gonna die tonight
I just hope that I'll be smiling
And we'll have to break our plans we made for Tuesday
I'm sure that when I'm gone you can hear this song still
I'm sure we can meet again no it wont be long
I'm gonna die tonight
I'm gonna walk toward the light
And I hope they clap and call me back for more
I'm gonna die tonight
I'm gonna make it all alright
I've been rich, I've been bad, and I've been poor
Thanks for all you gave me after all you saved me
Good bye to the bluest sky over you my baby
Track Name: Instrumenstral
Track Name: The Estate
At the estate, the patrons wear no shoes
The doggy sniffs for clues the morning is the noon
wake up and touch the moon
Make no mistake
Things are great
At the estate
At the estate, the world is a splendid place
with jelly beans and collard greens and Ben Vareen's
At the estate, a stranger has a home
A toothbrush and a comb
At the estate, the world is a special place
with pools of blue and sparkling jewels and lots of food so what's up dude
The world is a clean clean place
With golden puffs and cigy butts and bolty rusts
At the estate, a smile with a grin
A fish without no fins
A clock tick tock's away
from silver into gray
Make no mistake
Things are great
At the estate
Track Name: A Couple Of Birds
It sounds like a couple of birds
Outside my window
In the tree
They were making a racket
You would think they were lovers
so I got under my covers
And went to sleep
I woke to a face in the ceiling
And I got that feeling
That something went wrong
Was it real in the first place
Was it simply a dream
Going right through my head
Like a laser beam
(I was looking at pictures, Her eyes were cut out with scissors, My body broke out in shivers, from my head to my liver)
Track Name: Silver Switchblade
Can't find my keys today
It happens every time
So many bills to pay
I think I lost my mind

You didn't have to make matters worse
with the words that you say
Silver Switchblade

Stuck on the 109
My briefcase is in my lap
Can't find my way back home
She left me with all her crap

You didn't have to make matters worse with the words that you say
Silver Switchblade

Soon I'm gonna see ya, hopefully it goes OK
Tell me when I see you, You're not gonna walk away
Track Name: Where Dead People Live
The hand was stuffed in a can
It was buried on the edge of the sand
From another love came another glove, LOVE!
(Her fingernails, from rip and tear have broken away they once were there
I swear I swear to branches and leaves
these hands were there the root to bleed)
(Under this tree of branches and leaves, I scratched away the roots to bleed)
Imagine, your eyes on her head
And cold nights were left for dead
Track Name: Aquaship
In a seagulls eyes
it's no big surprise
To see an old man in a boat
sticking whiskey in his throat

The sea is crazy, the place sure amazed me,
Someone's lootin', the pirates booty

In an old mans eye
something fell from the sky
It must have been a juicy turd
bombardiering from the bird

The sea is crazy, the place sure amazed me,
Someones lootin', the pirate's booty

Hey mr. octopus, How'd you like it down here?
Underneath the current, Underneath the atmosphere
It's so dark and cold, cold and dark
Do you like sharks when they swim too close
Let me count your legs dude are there really eight?
Or is that just a myth back here in the states?
Give me a break man, For goodness sakes man
I've fished in ponds and I swam in lakes
The ocean is a scary place, it's a crazy place
It's a kickback sleepy ass lazy place
I need some scuba gear
I need some plugs for my ears
A million fish cheering but I can't hear
Can't hear a thing, can't even think
Can't even set my thoughts down in ink
What if I was down, to let myself drown
Tie an anchor to my foot and sink to the ground
I bet I'd be amazed
I bet I'd be surprised
I bet I wouldn't care if I was about to die
Track Name: Hawaiian Tropic
I like, I like, A mocha latte
I wouldn't have it any other way
I lick, I lick, I lick a stamp and
Give it to the postman and he takes it away
A lot, A lot, A lot of people
Like to hear the ukulele get played
I strum, I strum, I strum a chord or two
I will drink a coffee and I'll mail a letter to my baby

Hawaiian Tropic
That's the sunscreen that I wear

God you ain't real
if you are
then just kill me right now

Man, it's all a lie
if you think
you go to heaven when you die

No! you just stay here and rot on this earth
You're never mad and the fire doesn't
You're so happy and you don't even know it
You're all alone but your eyes don't show it

God you ain't real
if you are
than just kill me right now